What is the CSR Innovation of Entrepreneurship Development?

Get to know the CSR Innovation of Entrepreneurship Development. Learn about our mission, everything we do here and our vision for the future.  

Agenda 2030 The goals of the Agenda 2030 are integrated into our projects and help to increase the impact and quality of our work. We contribute directly to the following sustainability goals:  

1. No Poverty 

2. No Hunger

3. Quality Education

4. Decent Work and Economic Growth 

5. Entrepreneurial Society Development 

Engaging the Private Sector

We seek to develop partnerships with local and international businesses to increase the range of opportunities for our partners and people we serve.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion  

We promote gender equality, both in our project work and within our organisation. We strive for the social inclusion of all people.

Environmental Responsibility

We always consider the environment, actively exploring opportunities to enhance the resilience of individuals and communities to deal with climate change and promoting solutions for efficient and sustainable use of resources. 


Education and training, retraining and labour market integration constitute a focus of our activities. In this way, we strengthen people's skills and offer them the conditions for a secure livelihood and the opportunity to actively participate in society. 

In business promotion, we focus our work on five economic sectors with the best chances for sustainable development: tourism, trade, entrepreneurial ecosystems, green cities, and sustainable agriculture. This is where we focus our energy, in order to create productive jobs, improve incomes, and promote economic well-being without harming the environment. 

In their daily work, our employees are committed to implement projects, provide advisory services, and practical hands-on training. We also engage in applied research.

WELP 2021

"Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurship can have a dramatic effect on a Family economy. "